Mako, vengenance is like an open wound.



My page in the Brooklyn fanzine.

Got my copy yesterday and it is stellar!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier + scenography


it’s literally called an iced americano, stevie! it was basically made for us!

fashion!au part 6, hipster!bucky requested by notjamesbarnes who wanted “hipster!bucky with a flower crown and a hair bun and doc martens and SKINNY JEANS but with the cuffs rolled so it’s above the boots and THEN WITH A CUT OFF SO YOU CAN SEE THE ARM” hell ye also he has starbucks (wink wonk) bc i am a nerd and that post goin round about the iced americano dream makes me laugh

(fullview here)

oh man anyway ye i’ve got less than a term left of school so i haven’t been able to draw as much but!!! who can resist hipster!bucky i’m sorry

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I found porn 

requested by tinytile