Commish for usakeh based on her fanfic which you can read HERE.

I couldn’t decide between g’night and g’morning, so you get both! Also America jammies!!! \o/



little steve and bucky being dumbs


Young Frankenstein



Ah arrows.




Marvel Ladies Meme: [2/2] Objects 

Pepper’s heart necklace

"Near the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has the shrapnel surgically removed from his chest. Then the film cuts away to a scene of Tony placing a necklace, with a heart-shaped pendant, around Pepper Potts’ neck. That piece of jewelry is actually supposed to be made from Tony’s shrapnel fragments that had been recently extracted."

Some people know this…but it’s new to others.  And it gives a whole ‘nother spin to that scene.


what really bothers me about feminism on tumblr is you’ll see people get mad when someone says that feminists hate men or that they’re not feminists because they like men, which is a totally acceptable response because real feminism is not about hating men.

BUT then I see those same people reblogging shit about how horrible men are or how the world would be better without them or how women should “destroy” their enemies and calling that feminism.

So which is it? Because you can’t have it both ways.

I know people will say that those posts are just jokes or that they don’t matter because men have done so many horrible things, we’re allowed to have a text post. But those are just excuses you’re using to say shitty things. Those posts have thousands of notes, I 100% guarantee not all those people are joking and saying you’re “allowed” to say those things once in a while is completely undermining your argument to the people who say “feminists hate men”. You’re reinforcing that mentality.

If you really believe that feminists don’t hate men, then stop perpetuating that idea by making/reblogging posts that say otherwise.